Ukraine, War And Health-Tech


In Episode 04, Dr. Ritwik sits down with Volodymyr Shevchuk, the CEO and founder of the Medical Information System of Ukraine (MISU) – a cutting-edge mobile application that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to predict critical health conditions, including PTSD, physical stress, and heart diseases, offering a proactive approach to health management.

Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Volodymyr shares the compelling story of staying in the war-affected country and the journey of developing MISU which was initially developed for the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the constant uncertainty and threat of missile strikes, Shevchuk maintains a positive outlook with his start-up named one of the top 12 wearable-technology startups in Europe in April last year. In the face of personal challenges, such as the destruction of his residence due to missile attacks, Volodymyr’s resilience is driven by a profound sense of purpose – making a positive impact on people’s lives through his innovative startup.

This episode dives deep into the intricacies of MISU’s development, navigating challenges during the war, and offers a unique perspective on resilience and innovation amid adversity. Join us as we explore the inspiring narrative of Volodymyr Shevchuk and the transformative potential of MISU in the realm of health technology.

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