‘Not a person’

April 4, 2023
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Photo: Atoq Ramon

I am not a person, I am a cause

I am the wind that rattles their towers

I am the water that binds minerals in their soil

I tolerate the scorching blaze, and the slow toil

Of bullshit.


We are not people, we are a cause

We are the earth beneath their feet

We are the northwest breeze that animates their sand

We speak in an unfamiliar cadence, but the history of this land



I am not a resident, I am a cause

I am letters in the eyes of their children

I am the voice in their book of mathematics

I hold all the knowledge, but I must be pragmatic

To survive. 


We are not a community, we are a cause

We are the ore in their forge

We are the cure to chronic pains

We are not ungrateful, and we asked for nothing in exchange

But dignity.


I have no towers, no soil

My oil comes from olives

There is no prosperity in the world, nor payback

That can make up for what we lack

In freedom.

Abdulla Moaswes

Abdulla Moaswes is a writer, researcher, translator, and educator. His current explorations focus on the globalization of settler colonial logic. He has previously written about the politics of food, with special reference to chai karak, and the socio-political role of internet memes in South and West Asia. In addition, he also writes poetry and speculative fiction.

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