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'Refugees', illustration by Rameez Waheed

The Contrapuntal is an editorially independent, not-for-profit publication devoted to delivering rigorously researched, accessible, and factually accurate journalism from a ground-up perspective. We seek to publish people-centric stories, explained in a strikingly clear manner. We are committed to producing credible journalism, and to platforming credible writers and commentators.

We strive to bring the reach and urgency of journalism with the nuance and depth of academia by encouraging our writer to take the time that is required to do good work and to research their work carefully, and yet be presented in a simple, clear manner. 

We focus on the themes of Political Economy, Migration, Ecology, and Culture through a critical and interdisciplinary approach since they broadly define the political contours of our contemporary world. 

We ensure that each article passes through multiple editors before it is published.

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